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Love getting massages from heavenly hands, shes wonderful and a great listener when Im feeling stressed I always know I can go to Jaletha and shes always make me feel better. Angie


Got a massage from heavenly hands and and its worth the wait anytime!  Julie


Heavenly Hands is the only place you can go and get great pressure from the lightest to the heaviest touch shes the best...John


If your feeling down Heavenly Hands is the place to go, leave feeling relaxed and happy she has positive energy.  Greg


Jaletha's really a great massage therapist, don't find them like her anymore!  David


My first time having a massage at Heavenly Hands, environment very peaceful and clean and my massage was wonderful, didn't realize my body could feel so relaxed and wonderful I highly recommend Jaletha. Erica 

I purchased a massage for my mother to see if massage would help with all her health issues, she's never been interested in getting a massage but after her session with Jaletha, her attitude was much happier and that's all she talked about for the last week how Jaletha was very talented and a uplifting young lady so I have to tell about Jaletha's gift and how it helped my mother so much. Thanks! Jaletha your amazing keep up the good work. Amber

Jaletha is the best massage therapist in Indy, she very sweet and pleasant she makes everyone feel welcome to her place of business. Her Reiki sessions are very peaceful and balancing you can feel the energy working and it makes you feel renewed. Molly

I go every 2 weeks to get my massage from Jaletha, shes great and do amazing work. When I leave I feel so relaxed and renewed and when I'm stressed she has a way of making you feel like everything is ok and I always leave Jaletha's office with inspiration and hope, she's a very positive person. Thanks!  Jaletha. Martha

I just left Heavenly Hands, I get stretched, massaged once a week, it really helps with my running and just make my body feel great, I'm addicted to Heavenly Hands once you go, you will not want to miss your appointment. Jaletha keep up the Great work!! Kevin

Heavenly Hands is the best in the city, Jaletha's hands are like magic. When in session I feel Jaletha's peaceful energy she has a calmness about her, Jaletha's hands feel warm and soothing she puts me to sleep every time. Mark

I had a long week, got a massage from Jaletha yesterday and woke up feeling energized, renewed and my body feel loose and light my attitude was more pleasant because I'm not a morning person and it's Easter morning what a great way to start your day. Monica

Jaletha's a beautiful girl with an amazing spirit, you can feel and tell she's loves what she do, she has the gift and talent and she's very professional she's always happy and in good mood, I been going to her for 2 years and she's always happy. I always ask her do she ever have a bad day because her energy is like the sunshine!! Tammy

I tell everyone to go to Heavenly Hands, Jaletha is professional, very sweet with a peaceful energy, very clean place that makes you feel at home. She always gives discounts and I'm always getting $15 dollars off on referrals, because I send all my friends and co workers to Jaletha she reall has a gift of healing and making your body feel whole again. Tony

Jaletha's hands are Heavenly!! Brad

if you need a massage and relax your mind, Heavenly Hands is the place to go Jaletha will put you to sleep in 5 minutes  her hands are magic she's the best ..Jeff









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