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Started my New Year off heavenly with Heavenly Hands, Jaletha is great! Amy 1/4/18

I was looking forward to the New Year 2018 because I had my massage appointment with Jaletha, her work is great and she always has a beautiful spirit shes always calm and I like the way she speak its something about her voice.  Micheal 1/6/18

Hey Jaletha just want to tell you to keep up the good work your amazing! Candice 1/7/18

Jaletha I must say the massage I received from you OMG!! I felt like I was walking on clouds all day, don't know what your magic is but it is Heavenly with your hands they hold so much heat I know its healing. you go girl!!   Mrs. Anderson  

I need to tell everyone I had my first massage and the best experience ever, my friend told me about Jaletha and said I must go. She was a blessing to me I was very stressed and needed a massage bad, I felt so positive, and seemed like I had my self more together after the massage, its a feeling that's hard to explain but I felt really, really happy..Jaletha was very sweet and friendly, you don't meet people with that kind of energy  Thanks Jaletha.  Jamie/ Monica


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