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I was referred to Jaletha at Heavenly Hands by a friend, they said she was great. the experience I had was amazing!! When the session was over I could barely dress my self and felt a feeling that I couldn't explain but i felt so refreshed and energized, I was speechless. All I could do was look at her while she spoke, I told Jaletha her hands are really heavenly. Eva 1/20/18

I had a massage session at Heavenly Hands over the weekend, its been about 2 years since my last massage, I encourage everyone to go to Jaletha she has an energy that's out of this world..Heavenly! I schedule my next 2 appointments with her before leaving and brought some massage oil it really made my skin soft with a nice scent. Its like the massage oil brings your body to life. Donna 1/27/18

Jaletha I been your client for years, thank you for being dedicated with your professionalism, on every level. I been with you from the start and you have done an amazing job with growth with your business, loved the oils.I cant think of one thing you need to change or improve your the best!! Steve 1/26/18

Try Heavenly Hands creams and oils their great I brought 6 of them, my boyfriend loves Heavenly Hands oils, they leave your skin feeling soft n silky and she carries different scents, my favorite is lavender and sweet orange. Tammy 1/27/18

Got my massage this weekend it was a 90 minute deep of heaven, once you get a 90 minute massage you can't go back to a 60 minute. Every time you go to Jaletha you dont get the same massage she also do something different, she has a elegance about her that brings a lot of peace and comfort during the session, most of my family and friends go to her as well and we all say the same thing!! Jaletha's blessed!..

I went to Heavenly Hands got my 90 minute massage and brought massage lotion and 2 essential oils they smell very good, and the lotion really calm me and feels silky soft. thanks Jaletha. Maggie 2/ 27/18

I been getting massages for 5 years. First time to Jaletha got a 90 minute massage AMAZING!! Jaletha is the only person I will go to for life, I will never get a 60 minute massage again. Martha 2/28/18

Try Heavenly Hands lotions and oils they are great! 3/2/18

I tried Heavenly Hands Signature massage package, wow it was great! very relaxing seem like my massage was for hours. 90 minute massage are much better than 60 minutes everyone should treat their self once a month to Jaletha she's awesome!! 3/5/18

I love Heavenly Hands Massage and Jaletha has a great vibe about her she just flows, she make massage therapy look so easy. thanks Jaletha 3/9/18 Jeffery  

I went to Heavenly Hands referred by a friend, OMG!! I was really impressed with everything. Jaletha was very professional,great quality,very sweet, lovely calming voice and the most amazing thing she runs all of it by her self she play all roles with Heavenly Hands..I told her I was really impressed with what I seen (just beautiful).

I'm a new customer to Heavenly Hands and it took me 1 month to get in, but I tell you, its worth it! I will wait every time if I have too! Jaletha is Great. Pam- May 2018

Jaletha is the only massage therapist i will go too, and she kicking ass in 2018 with some really great music as well-very peaceful! Andrew 5/10/18

I get massages weekly from Jaletha she keeps my body relaxed, flexible, Jaletha always have me calm and in a good place, like everything going to be ok, even if its not. that's just the energy she gives, she's deep with it. 5/20/18 6/25/18

First time getting a massage from Heavenly Hands Massage, it was awesome!! Jaletha's hands are heavenly.6/18

I used a Groupon's for my first massage, best massage I ever had I will be going back schedule my next massage before I left, I felt lighter and great!! 6/25/18

Jaletha's very professional, and has a very calm manner and has a great flow, dont know how but while getting my massage my body felt carefree, like I could feel some positive things moving and working thru my body and felt less stressed when done, she's amazing!  7/6/18

I love Heavenly Hands monthly deals, very affordable when you know your going to get a great massage by the same person every time. 7/10/18

I'm waiting for Heavenly Hands to bring back her couple massages, me and my wife cant wait. Jaletha's very talented with great energy she the best in Indy. 7/14/18

Thanks Jaletha for making creams and oils for my husband rash and itch it really helped with drying it up and removing the scars. Thanks again. 7/20/18

Try Jaletha's lavender creams they smell very good and really help with sleep and calmness. 7/20/18  



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