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My name is Jaletha Howard, I'm a licensed/certified massage therapist, I been practicing massage therapy for over 10+ years. I learned early in my career that massage therapy was a passion for me with the gift of a healing touch.

Massage therapy is a powerful form of communication with physical benefits to the body,massage therapy is benefical to the mental,emotional,physical and spiritual of one self. 

If your looking to relax, look no futher than the power of touch, Fortunately we are now rediscovering the healing powers of massage and other touch therapies,which have been used in other cultures for thousands of years. The human sense of touch is a natural reaction; we all reach out to feel things whether its to feel the shape or texture of something or to respond to another person.

I have the gift of using the lightiest to the heaviest touch as needed for each individual with the gift of compassion and healing touch.


Services provided:

Relaxation massage, Deep tissue, Reflexology, Aroma Therapy, Hot/cold stones, Hand and feet treatments available and many more...


My mission at Heavenly Hands Body Massage" is to give my clients my best expertise, and professionalism at all times, with the desire with the gift of a healing touch!

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