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My name is Jaletha Howard. Licensed and State Certified Massage Therapist with over 10 years of experience in massage therapy.  I learned while in school for massage therapy that it was truly my passion to help others with the gift of a healing touch. I completed and achieved my Masters in Reiki in 2016 and enjoy helping others to find a inner balance.

Massage therapy is a powerful form of communication with physical benefits to the body.  Massage therapy is beneficial to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual of one self. 

Heavenly Hands Massage & Wellness LLC,  provides a safe, relaxing environment with a heavenly touch that offers a multitude of massage techniques and modalities that are customized to each client and their needs. Heavenly Hands Massage & Wellness LLC, caters to one on one time to build a strong relationship to know and understand the client and their needs and to promote progress in each session. So look no further for a healing touch. Heavenly Hands Massage & Wellness LLC, provides Eastern and Western practices with a unique style of its own. Heavenly Hands Massage & Wellness LLC, collaborate with healthcare practitioners, organizations and many more. Heavenly Hands Massage & Wellness LLC, compassion is to help and give to others with a heavenly touch. 

Heavenly Hands Massage & Wellness LLC, modalities includes:

Swedish Massage:

Relaxation Massage:

 Deep Tissue:


 Myofascial Release:

Lymphatic Drainage:

Neuromuscular Therapy:

 Sports Massage:

Abdominal Release Massage:


Hot / Cold Stone Therapy:

Hand / Feet Treatments and more...

Heavenly Hands Massage & Wellness LLC, Mission is to give clients my best expertise and  professionalism at all times, with the gift of a heavenly touch!

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