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Aromatherapy$75.00 / 60 minutes
Bodywork$75.00 / 60 minutes
Chair Massage$1.25 / 1 minute
Couples Massage$170.00 / 60 minutes
Craniosacral $70.00 / 60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$95.00 / 60 minutes
Facial Massage$5.00 / 15 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$85.00 / 60 minutes
Lymphatic Massage$75.00 / 60 minutes
Medical Massage$80.00 / 60 minutes
Muscle Release Technique (Sm)$80.00 / 60 minutes
Myofascial Release$85.00 / 60 minutes
Neuro-Muscular Therapy$75.00 / 60 minutes
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$80.00 / 60 minutes
Reflexology$75.00 / 60 minutes
Reiki$75.00 / 60 minutes
Relaxation Massage$75.00 / 60 minutes
Shiatsu$75.00 / 60 minutes
Spa Therapies$10..00 / 15 minutes
Sports Massage$75.00 / 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$75.00 / 60 minutes
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