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Heavenly Hands Body Massage

Also offers **Birthday parties,


Events and special gatherings


and also home calls available.





Also provide professional chair

 massages in corporate business


settings, its a great way to get a


mini massage for a stress day


While your at work thats

 reasonable for everyone.





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Heavenly Hands Body Massage

 offers a very calm, relaxing and a

  Enviroment thats very friendly.





That gives you that cozy, warmth

Feeling that your already at

home, you'll receive all the

 wellness,health maintenance and a healing touch!! thats a

 drive away to release your stress 

for the day...






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Heavenly Hands Body Massage



Steam towels and a experience


blissful, uplifting  springtime

fragrance...for men and women


 Aroma Therapy oils.... 






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Massage steam facials

 Herbal Eye Pad Treatments

 Hand and Foot treatments

 Excellent for this time of year

to keep moisture in and dry skin

 away...sign up today.




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Also try our new heavenly Hands

Organic and natural body lotions

That keep your skin feeling soft

 and smooth, also can be used

to help repair dry skin...

 that stays with you all day long. 



Thank you, Heavenly"



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$ per 1 minute
Aromatherapy$75.00 per 60 minutes
Body Treatments / Body Wraps$124.99 per 60 minutes
Body Treatments / Body Wraps$149.99 per 60 minutes
Bodywork$75.00 per 60 minutes
Chair Massage$1.25 per 1 minute
Couples Massage$200.00 per 75 minutes
Craniosacral $70.00 per 60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$95.00 per 60 minutes
Facial Massage$15.00 per 30 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$95.00 per 60 minutes
Lymphatic Massage$75.00 per 60 minutes
Medical Massage$90.00 per 60 minutes
Muscle Release Technique (Sm)$80.00 per 60 minutes
Myofascial Release$85.00 per 60 minutes
Neuro-Muscular Therapy$65.00 per 60 minutes
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$80.00 per 60 minutes
Reflexology$75.00 per 60 minutes
Reiki$75.00 per 60 minutes
Relaxation Massage$75.00 per 60 minutes
Shiatsu$75.00 per 60 minutes
Spa Therapies$15..00 per 30 minutes
Sports Massage$75.00 per 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$75.00 per 60 minutes

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