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My name is Jaletha Howard, Licensed and State Certified Massage Therapist. I graduated from Indiana College of Body Work Modalities with over 10 years experience in massage therapy with continuing CE classes yearly along with workshops and educational classes. Also completed and achieved my Masters in Reiki in 2016, and continuing to grow and inspire others to achieve their dreams and goals that promotes wellness and encourage self- care and provides a connection of comfort that gives each client a sense of wholeness and a inner balance. I enjoy helping others and making a difference. 

I learned early in my career that massage therapy was my passion in life with the gift of a healing touch. Massage therapy is very important to the human body and is a positive step to a healthier way of living.

Massage therapy is known for these benefits:  

Reduce stress

Reduce blood pressure



 Chronic pain

Improves circulation

 Increase flexibility

 Improves sleep 

Promotes a healthier life style.

It's a wonderful reward knowing that I have a connection with each client giving them my best quality of work and meeting their specific needs. My goal is for each client to see and feel their body improving with each session and feeling over-all balanced.  As a massage therapist its a gift to know that I can make a difference in someone life by helping and giving to others with a heavenly and healing touch.

I strongly believe in massage therapy as a natural way of healing with the passion at heart. Not only do I practice what I share with others I also give to my self. I enjoy reading and is always inspired to learn to a higher level of achievement, I workout 3 times a week with rest and a healthy diet.  Meditation is very important to me, we as humans must always have positive energy around  in our daily lives to encourage and inspire us to achieve or dreams and goals and excel in personal growth. I love to travel and love the beach and water. I enjoy my me-time to connect with nature and love the spring and summer time. I enjoy outdoor activities. I always say laughter is good for the soul. I believe who we are on the inside is who we are on the out side. Positive energy input...is positive energy output.


T hank you for my many Blessings!

H ealing is a gift

E arth is the greatest ground of balance

R est, relax, restore

A chieve your dreams and goals

P eace is tranquility

Y ou deserve the best, get a massage it's a Wonderful Gift!! 

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